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Proven technology, commitment to innovation, and desire to please our customers has made us a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent plumbing controls. Simply stated, no one else has designed such perfect solutions or understands our customers' problems better than I-CON. Our CEO and Co-founder was a key member of a small group of innovators who FIRST developed reliable infrared sensors for plumbing fixtures for use at major local theme parks along with other commercial buildings in the Orlando area, and has brought that innovation and experience to our I-CON products.

I-CON is the indisputable LEADER in electronic plumbing controls in the correctional industry with the industry’s largest installed base and the most reliable, longest lasting system on the market today. We were the FIRST to use Touch Screen interfaces to control our plumbing networks, and we were the FIRST to offer a vandal-resistant, stainless steel sensor with no moving parts. I-CON currently holds over 30 patents or patents pending.

One of I-CON‘s strengths is our eagerness to understand our customers’ needs. Our engineers and designers spend countless hours in the field looking for ways to make your job easier. Through our understanding of our customers working environment, we apply our technology to make the most dependable, user-friendly control systems found in the industry today. Our customer base includes nearly 400 facilities nationwide and other countries around the world. Our COMMITMENT to reliability, on-time delivery, and customer service is unmatched in the industry.


Over 385 facilities have installed our products and are experiencing the quality and dependability they know to expect from an I-CON system. We have created the standard for intelligent plumbing controls with cutting-edge technology, affordable controls, simplified field installation, and product reliability. Other companies combine third-party components in order to create the core of their control systems which results in a limited and rigid system. At I-CON, we design and manufacture our own plumbing control systems and write our own software which provides our customers complete control and unparalleled flexibility. Dependability is central to the design of our products, that's why we use superior components in all of our parts, we employ innovative & committed people, all resulting in WORLD CLASS QUALITY.


SOLUTIONS for our customers is our greatest driving force.


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