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Our History

I-CON Systems, Inc. was founded in 1994 by a core group of individuals whom were previously employed at a small local corporation which developed and manufactured plumbing systems that used infrared technology for local major theme parks and other customers. After a competitor-buyout of this small local corporation, and armed with the belief that together they could build a better product and build a better company, our co-founders created I-CON Systems, Inc. During the next several years, I-CON began to receive recognition in the industry and sales began to grow.

Our Company continued onward and focused on targeting the untouched retrofit market of older jails and prisons.  I-CON was committed to contacting federal and state prisons and county jails across the nation to explain the savings in water usage, maintenance and repair parts that our system provided and our system’s security and control features. The excitement grew as the facilities immediately saw the advantages of our system and our Company was selling products nationwide.

Today, we are one of the top manufacturers in Central Florida.  Our Company is based out of our 58,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility located in Oviedo, FL, houses our corporate executive offices, engineering, research & development labs, mold making & machine shop, manufacturing & production floor, warehouse, print shop, media room and professional training room.


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