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Our Mission


To develop and integrate the latest cutting edge technologies into the industries that we serve through the innovative spirit of our people, our unyielding attention to detail, and superior customer service, all while preserving our environment and our world’s most valuable natural resources and creating strong and profitable growth for our shareholders.


SOLVE:  The underlying premise of why we are here is simply to solve the problems of our customers, country, communities, and neighbors.

INNOVATE:  From its formation in 1994, "I-CON" has always stood for one thing above all others - the ability to Innovate.

CREATE:  In an effort to achieve our mission and objectives for I-CON, there is only one way to get there...Create.

LEAD:  It's a call to action that engages our unceasing curiosity, our passion, and our drive to be first in everything that we do. It's not just maintaining the status quo or managing what worked yesterday, but instead taking on the responsibility to change because change is the essence of what it means to lead.


Below are our words and our values... in our own voice:


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