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System Anatomy 101


An intelligent plumbing system has three (3) basic components:

  1. Controller
  2. Pressure Activated Sensor
  3. Valve (Lavatory, Flush, Shower, Etc.)

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Retrofitting Existing Systems or New Construction Systems

I-CON's electronic controller is the master control device in the I-CON® water conservation system. It uses a microprocessor that's programmed at the factory with run-times, delays,  lockout periods, etc., all designed to discourage misuse and conserve water. Savings are seen in the reduction of:  water used; sewage costs; and costs attributed to vandalism.
I-CON's TruTOUCH™ pressure activated sensors, commonly called "buttons", have a housing made of solid stainless steel with the pressure activation circuitry potted and completely waterproof. The sensor is activated when 4-12 oz of pressure is applied to the face of the button.
I-CON's valves can adapt to existing plumbing systems or can be piped in for new applications. We manufacture the most dependable, user-friendly valves found in the industry today including the MOMENTUM® flush valve, 5775 series shower valve, ELEMENT™ manifold, ZEPHYR™ pneumatic retrofit, and our 4202 series mechanical cartridge retrofit.

To learn more about our systems and how they can benefit you, contact our customer service department.

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